Sunday, April 17, 2011

Aston's Mini Session

Aston and her Mommy came to the Matilda Jane trunk show Cindy and I had last month. Everyone that purchased an outfit received a free studio mini session. I totally wanted this top for my little girl, but they were out of her size ;0(. Aston is a just so stinkin' cute!!! She was so good!! Enjoy your preview Mommy!


The most chill newborn ever!!!! The most chill newborn that was awake ever!!!! Landon was so curious about all the fuss going on around him. We finally tired him out around the three hour mark (okay maybe closer to four). He only cried when we finished and he had to be moved to get ready to go home. Who could blame him???? I don't like being bothered with when I am sleeping. Seriously yummy little guy!! I totally got my baby fix for the week!!!!!! For those of you considering newborn photography (with any photographer) expect for your session to last about one-three hours (depending on how sleepy they are). Mom and Dad, I really enjoyed getting to know you guys and look forward to taking future pictures of Landon! Enjoy your preview!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Meet my new bestie Taylor!!! We decided while we were playing in the field that we were each others new best friend. She kept calling me John instead of Jen(lol). Taylor is no stranger around these parts. Taylor's mommy was my student teacher once upon a time (a long time ago) and we have since become work buddies. Our classrooms are next door to each other. Taylor's mommy let's me take all of her kiddos pictures...ALOT. We all had so much fun!! Enjoy your preview mommy!