Monday, March 28, 2011

Jason and Meagan E-Session

First off, aren't the just GORGEOUS!!!! Holy cow! I've have been so blessed to shoot beautiful people!!! I haven't done an engagement session in a while and was not only excited to shoot this session, but excited that they wanted to go downtown. We had a blast!! Beware: picture heavy post ahead!!! Couldn't decide my faves (so typical of me)! Enjoy your preview guys!! I am super excited to be able to capture your big day next month!!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I can't believe Ella is already three months!!! What a chubby, yummy baby she is!!! She was an easy newborn to shoot and is an easy three month old!!! I love her images!!! Enjoy your preview mom!!!


Claire is one of the easiest babies to shoot and she is always so happy!!!! She is just gorgeous!!! Can you imagine what a looker she is going to be as a teeneager!?!

Her mom pointed out that Claire and my little girl could be sisters.

I think she is right!!!


I think 6 months old is one of my favorite ages to shoot!!! They are so happy and just sitting up. A big plus is that they haven't quite got that traveling thing down so the are easy to keep in one spot. Kylie was so much fun and oh soooo cute!!!! I cannot get over how much Kylie looks like her daddy!!!

What to Wear???

I often get asked "What should we wear for our session??". Rather than be matchy matchy twins or opt for the jeans and a white shirt, choose a color palette and work from there. Don't be afraid of throwing in a subtle pattern or layering your clothing. I also love the little touches of accessories that add to an outfit. Below is an example using a color palette and building a session wardrobe from that (clothing from Old Navy and Piperlime). Hope this helps!!