Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking Ahead to 2012!

I want to thank everyone that allowed me to take their pictures this past year! Being able to take pictures of your families has been a huge blessing to ours. Some of you know that my husband has been unemployed off and on for over a year now. Thank you, thank you, thank you for picking me from the bottom of my heart!  I have two weddings to still get up on the blog and I am super excited to share those with you all! I also am getting my favorite photos of 2011 post ready to share! Looking forward to a fantastic New Year personally and professionally! May your New Year be blessed! 

Hugs & Kisses!

Josh - Senior Session

I had such a great time with Josh and his mom! I've been friends with his mom for several years and we taught together in Kindergarten for a couple of years! I remember when Josh was a little guy attending the school I work at and now he is all grown up! He is quite the accomplished guitar player! Loved hearing him play for us while I took pics of him! Excited to share this preview with you guys! Enjoy you r sneak peek!

This next one is tough, color???

Or black & white?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Mom's with Camera" Class

I've been asked by a lot of people when I will be offering a beginner's class (usually around Christmas when DSLR's have been given as gifts). I am excited to announce that I will finally be offering a class!!!! This class is not just for mom's. Dad's and teens are welcome also.

This class will definitely get you up and running with your DSLR and off of that Auto setting. We'll talk about bells and whistles on your camera, teach shooting in priority modes,  focus dots/toggling, basic composition, and finding good light (and much much more if time permits). If participants are interested in furthering their knowledge, future classes will be offered and we can schedule additional classes to pick up where we left off.

If you are interested in participating, leave me a message on my facebook page with your contact info. or email me via my website's contact section.

Class size will be limited for an intimate setting and allowing me to focus on each participant needs/questions.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Oh Miss Ella! I can't believe she is one! She was absolutely hysterical her entire session. She would run laps around my sofas, stop for a second to have some goldfish and a quick picture, then run some more. Seriously non stop.  I'll bet she had a really good nap after her session.

Remember Miss Ella once upon a time?

Well, she's a big girl now!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Gayer Family

Another gorgeous family!!!!! Taylor is my kindred spirit! She is full of sass and spunk! And what a hoot she is! I giggled often as I edited their pictures because of all the great faces she gave me! Grady is a rock star and is seriously the most happy and content baby ever! Loved this session also! Thanks for hanging with me guys!

The Keller Family

I've been very lucky dealing when shooting twins these days (2 for 2 this year). These adorable munchkins and their equally adorable parents were such fun to hang out with! Sometimes, I really don't feel like I am working, but being paid to have fun! I keep telling my hubs that sometimes it feels so odd/wrong to be paid for taking pictures. I must add, the Keller kids win for having the most amazing brown eyes! I loved everything about this session!

Dad knows he is one lucky guy!!!

The Gayer Family

I am finally catching up on some of my blog posts! YAY!! Love the Gayers! They are GORGEOUS! I've been lucky to have taken the girl's pictures on several past occasions! Don't they all have the most amazing eyes???!! I had a great time hanging with you guys!

When I asked her if this lil' peanut could see me in my camera, she had to get up and take a peek. Haha!