Thursday, July 14, 2011

What to Wear

I think the question I get asked the most is "What should we wear Jen?" Finding the perfect outfit for everyone in the family is no easy task! I have scheduled my own family's session for the end of September with a fellow photographer. At the end of this post is an example of what I have planned out so far for my kids (haven't purchased yet, but slowly will). My hubby and I already have clothes in this color palette so I am not worrying too much about our clothing...yet. I thought I'd share with you some tips for planning out your family's outfits for a session.

* Dress like you and dress comfortably.

* Choose a color palette of 3-5 colors. Not everyone needs to wear the same color, just a color from the palette. My hubby and daughter are fair so I want a darker color for them to contrast with their hair and skin. A light color could wash them out so I am careful in my consideration for their clothing. My boys and I are darker so I wanted what we will wear to have some light colors to it again to provide a contrast. Don't be afraid of color. I personally love bold colors for photos.

* A pop of pattern is good. Too much pattern or a bold pattern draws the eye right to it. So be careful in pattern selection.

* Layering is good especially when introducing a pattern. As in the example at the end of the post I put together for my kids, there is a solid shirt under each of the patterned button ups. If my daughter's dress was patterned, I could layer a solid cardigan over it.

* Accessories are super important in my opinion. Selecting the right jewelery, belt, shoes, or hair diddies add the perfect touch!

* I am not a big fan of matchy-matchy unless you are a twin under the age of 5. I am not a fan of subjects all in a white shirt and jeans either. White is a tough color to shoot, especially if you are fair. Brides get a free pass.

* Don't wait until the last minute to find the perfect outfit. It takes weeks to plan and be happy with it. I have had clients cancel because they waited too long to find coordinating clothes. Most often, Bakersfield is not the place to shop as our shopping is limited. Sometimes you can find what you need, but usually just not when you need it. It may require shopping online or out of town. You want to love what you are wearing so that you love the pictures I take. Nothing makes you look and feel better than a fabulous outfit and the confidence you get from how you look will be obvious in your photo.

Feel free to discuss with me what you are thinking about wearing. I am glad to help. I've been invited to some of your closets in the past to see what I can come up with using what you have.

With the upcoming family sessions, I will post wardrobe ideas as inspiration for you as you begin the hunt for the perfect outfits. So be sure to check back with the blog regularly.

Family sessions now available through November

Wow! I am amazed with all of the inquiries for family sessions I have been getting over the last few weeks. I am so flattered you all like my work (blush) and that you are so eager to book! I have told those of you asking that I would be opening my schedule up in August. After much discussion with the hubs and looking at all I need to do next month with the start of the school year (for those of you that don't know, I teach kindergarten), it would be wise for me to open my schedule now instead of booking next month amidst all the craziness. August will be available for a few studio kids/babies sessions only.

Family sessions will begin mid September and my last session will be November 12th. Available dates will be listed at the end of this post. I am requiring session fees be paid at time of booking. These are Bakersfield sessions only. The session fee will be $200.00 for immediate family only and will include 10-15 high res images on CD (with a print release). Also included will be a Christmas card design (the jpg image, not the cards). Print pricing is on my site. I have to charge the fee up front as I had several families last year cancel at the last minute when I had to turn families away. In all fairness to me (as this is part of my income) and to families who truly want the session, it will be due two days after booking and the spot will be up for grabs if it is not paid. If you have to cancel, we will reschedule, but I cannot promise to schedule it before Christmas. Please message me or contact me via my site to inquire about booking.

I will be shooting at the beach in October for two weekends, but at a higher rate. I have to cover my travel fees and accommodations. At this moment, both weekends are booked. These sessions were created at the request of a few clients earlier in the year. I am considering adding two more sessions, but they would be early morning. I am not quite sure I will add them to my schedule. If you are interested let me know and I will put you on a standby list in order of inquiry.

Available dates:

Saturday, September 10th booked

Saturday, September 17th booked

Saturday, October 1st

Saturday, October 29th

Sunday, October 30th booked

Saturday,, November 5th booked

Sunday, November 6th

Friday, November 11th booked

Saturday November 12th

These sessions will be about 1-2 hours before sunset only (the best light of the day)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Twins!! Meet Sydney and Dalton!

This was my first time shooting twins and I totally thought it would be harder working with two. It was quite the opposite. They win the award for the second most sleepy babies I have ever photographed. Their mommy is a friend of our family and I was so excited to do this for her! Enjoy your preview mom & dad!











OH JOY, A BOY! I take more pictures of girls than boys, so I get excited when I book a session with a boy. I've been dying to use the new bow ties I ordered. I think I need a few more! Isn't Landon ADORABLE??!!



Rachel Newborn

I am so behind on posting to the blog! I don't know if I can get all of what I've been working posted, but I do have to share some of my faves from a few of my past sessions!

Rachel is such a doll! She never fell into a deep sleep, but we got her out enough to get these great shots! Newborn sessions do take longer than a typical session. We spend more time shushing more than taking pics. I enjoy spending time holding babies and getting chatting with parents. Bonus-I totally get my baby fix.