There are times when people have told me I charge way too much.  The reality is I am on the lower end of pricing with regards to custom photography ( for the time being). If you really think about your experiences at mall photographers, you'd find I am comparable at times or slightly higher in pricing. When Structuring my pricing, I have to take into consideration planning time, time to shoot, and time to edit. Although our session is 60-90 minutes, there is so much more involved. A session from beginning to end can take me up to five hours (maybe more depending). There are also internet fees, taxes, equipment purchase and upkeep, insurance, licenses, accounting fees, professional memberships, trainings/professional development, background/set/prop purchase, and so on...

Here is a great link to Professional Child Photographer's blog. It's a great article that explains why photographers charge what they charge.

This next link is from another photographer's blog. I think it speaks for itself.

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