Saturday, January 15, 2011


Finally! A boy baby!!! I mostly have shot newborn girls so when my good friend from work announced she was having a boy, well I was tickled "blue"!!! Grady had a tough time staying asleep for us so we chilled for a couple of hours. It was totally worth it. Of Course I never mind a long newborn session as I get my baby fix and I get to visit friends (new and old). If you are expecting a newborn and are planning to have a photographer take your baby's pictures, expect the session to be 1-3 hours. Mom and I were happy to catch up and Grady's big sis was happy to tag along since she got to play with the big kids and eat!

Mom and I had talking about a sock monkey hat for quite a while. Grady is such a chunk that the hat didn't fit him too well. Still love the photo!!! He is a chunky monkey for sure!


Kiahna Williams said...

Boys are precious! Love the sock monkey hat! ;)

Kari said...

My breath has been taken away. Completely.