Sunday, September 2, 2012

Matt and Jennifer- Cambria Wedding, Cambria Pines Lodge

I've known Jennifer for a few years now. Her daughter was in my kindergarten class and has been one of my daughter's best buds from the get go. It's been wonderful to keep in touch with her the past few years and to see her find happiness once again.

It was the perfect day to get out of Bakersfield and escape the heat! Cambria was surprisingly cold to the point that we were sporting goosebumps. I got to shoot in light I don't normally shoot and and I am loving the results! What a fun challenge it turned out to be!

Jen and Matt, hoping you've settled in to married life well and that you enjoy your preview!

I cannot decide which of these next two I like the best. This one?
Or this one?
One of them should be a canvas...a big canvas!
This one above is pretty awesome also!

Hope you guys have lots of wall space!!!!

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