Sunday, November 6, 2011

Phillips Family

What an adventure we had with the Phillips Family!!! I was so excited when they said they wanted a beach session! We had an absolute blast and they had me laughing the entire time!!! By the way guys, I am totally available for adoption! We even had a star sighting! My friend had noticed this guy on the beach playing his guitar. I am not one to bother celebs (except that time I met Arnold, Sly, and Swayze). So we just walked past him. We made the long hike back to our cars and I shared our sighting with Cindy and Ally. My bad! I totally cheated them from the opportunity to meet someone from their FAVORITE movie. I really should have snapped a pic. We wrapped up the evening having dinner at a local joint with extremely tricked out Harley's parked out in front. I am not a big fish and chips fan but I had some of the yummiest fish and chips I've ever had! Sessions like this make me love my second job!

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