Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Bywater Family

I don't shoot extended families often. Large family sessions can be tricky just because there is so many people. This session was a total blast and the kiddos were such awesome listeners!!!!! Of course it helps I am willing to sing, dance, or act crazy silly for a smile.

Grandpa was quite the popular guy! Everyone (including Grandma) wanted to sit by him!!

Bywaters, you rock! Hope you are happy with your preview!!!

P.S. This little cutie asked for a picture all by herself. How could I say no????


iKari Designs said...

What a gorgeous family!! I am totally in love with that red couch ;) And that photo of Grandpa & Grandma ... priceless.

Adam and Jana said...

Thank you! I thought you were fabulous with everyone! You did a great job!