Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Wright Family

I learned how to use my camera photographing the Wright's. They were one of the families always willing to let me shoot them. They are gorgeous and Krista has the best sense of style. I think I should hire her out to help style sessions. I totally dig the red and brown with the cheetah. Here is your preview. Enjoy!


or black and white? Can't decide!

P.S. I haven't even looked through the other memory card.


Kiahna Williams said...

Way cute! Is that the brick wall you are talking about? I think the red chair will clash with the pink we will be wearing though...maybe the green chair we can use! The Wrights are perfect for grunge--they look awesome!

Jen Wolff said...

No red sofa!! Maybe the green chair. I think the props we discussed will help make it unique for you.

Celesa Felix said...

Jen I am loving this session. That red chair is awesome.

Kari said...

Love, love, love these!!!